Barbara Strozzi on KKSM Radio

This week meet Barbara Strozzi!

Barbara Strozzi
Barbara Strozzi

On Wednesday, July 6 at 12 noon on KKSM Radio, AM 1320, the radio revolution, and Mary Ellen’s guest will be BARBARA STROZZI.

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She will share with you what she thinks about

What it is like to be the illegitimate child of poet poet Giulio Strozzi
Why Bernardo Strozzi (not a relative) painted her with her left breast showing
Being head of the Academy of the Like-Minded (all men)
How she found time to published 8 volumes of music mostly madrigals from 1644-1664
How she had 4 children without being married
The shame of her 4th child who became a banker with small hands
How the Unisoni wrote anonymous manuscripts accusing her of being a courtesan
What it was like being one of the first composers to write contatas
Her opinion on contra tenors
The experience of being a sole heir and getting almost nothing
and much more.

And we will hear excerpts of her music:

Aria voce sola, opus 8 – gia che non posso  6:30
Aria voce sola, opus  8 – posso el mia 4:35
D amore e tormenti 3:31
L’amante segreto- Raquel Andueza – 9:13
Volano frettolosi (madrigale a 5 voci) 4:20
L’Eraclito amoroso Jaroussky – 5:50
Udite amanti-B. Strozzi (Anna Carbonera) – 6:24
Sino alla morte -Barbara Strozzi  14:27
Che si può fare_. Mariana Flores. soprano. 5:51
Sul Rodano 12:46
Il Romeo 2:54
Sacri Musicali Affetti Erat Petrus 6:17

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Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear from Barbara Strozzi.

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Mary Ellen Wilson

Mary Ellen Wilson
M. E. Wilson

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Composers played by Zeb Navarro.


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