Stravinsky Archive

Stravinsky Archive from show on July 27, 2016

Igor Stravinsky

Stravinsky – Zeb Navarro
Interviewer- Mary Ellen Wilson
Writers – Mary Ellen Wilson & Mark Giglio

KKSM Radio, Oceanside CA, AM1320, worldwide at

What happened when you went to law school?

Romance for violin and piano in D, Op. 3 4:27
Scherzo 2:18
Movements for Piano and Orchestra 1958-1959 8:23

Did you really compose in a chicken coop?

Classical Chicken | Muppet Music Video 1:37

No. That was the Blue Danube.

Renard the Fox 10:23
The Rake Progress, Act 1 Scene 1 15:00

So you compose for elephants!

circus polka 3:52
Rite of Sring from Fantasia 2:15
Danses Concertantes 6:55

You and Coco Chanel – What did you think of the movie?

Premier tableau: from Rite of Spring 3:39
Danse des adolescents 3:16

What happened in 1913 with the debut of Rite of Spring?

The Firebird Suite 9:24
Octet For Wind Instruments 7:17

And you wrote Ragtime pieces as well.

Ragtime (1918)  4:35
Ragtime for 11 instruments 5:07

Heavy Metal musicians applaud your work

Petrushka 9:49
Video of the ballet

You and Scrabble

Noah and the Flood (1982) 5:49
Symphony of Psalms Mvmt II 7:18

We are in your debt Maestro

The Soldier’s Tale Part 1 9:00

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