Schoenberg Archive

Schoenberg Archive from show on July 20, 2016

Arnold Schoenberg
Arnold Schoenberg

Schoenberg – Zeb Navarro
Interviewer- Mary Ellen Wilson
Writers – Mary Ellen Wilson & Mark Giglio

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Schoenberg Introduction and Beginnings

Variations for Orchestra Op 31 (1934) 9:22

Schoenberg Transfigured Night Sextet

Verklarte Nacht ( Transfigured Night ) Op. 4 Part 1 11:50

Schoenberg Riotous Anger from Viennese Audiences

Friede auf Erden (Peace on Earth), op. 13 by Arnold Schoenberg 9:43

Schoenberg Quit Banking to Be a Composer

Deinem Blick mich zu bequemen (To Submit to Your Sweet Glance) 3:04

Schoenberg Why did you teach so much?

Die gl├╝ckliche Hand, op. 18 (The Lucky Hand) 7:25

Schoenberg So Out of the Box

String Quartet In D Major (1897) – 1. Allegro molto 6:20

Schoenberg Tell us about being the first Rapper

Schoenberg, Pierrot Lunaire (Op. 21, 1912) Movements I-VII

Pierro Lunaire in English to follow along. pierrot lunaire

Schoenberg What is 12 Tone Music?

Five Piano Pieces 14:55

Schoenberg Undecipherable Genius

Suite per pianoforte op.25 (1921) 15:43

Schoenberg Thank You

A survivor from Warsaw 8:21

Psalm 130 opus 50b from 1950, one of your last pieces. 6:04

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