Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach on KKSM comedy radio

Johan Sebastian Bach
Johan Sebastian Bach

On Wednesday, August 24 at 12 noon on KKSM Radio, AM 1320, the radio revolution, and Mary Ellen’s guest Johann Sebastian Bach will entertain you.

Bach on being thrown into prison:


 Music by Dead Guys and Gals on KKSM Radio

Music by Dead Guys and Gals
Music by Dead Guys and Gals

Mary Ellen Wilson will interview a composer or performer Back From The Dead. They will tell you Stories to delight you, Stories that will shock you, Stories you will not believe from the mouths of the maestros themselves…Back from the Dead. You will be surprised by their humor and we’ll play their music too.

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And he’ll also talk about

Stealing his brother’s score to study in the moonlight
Walking 200 miles to hear Dietrich Buxtehude play organBeing a soprano and how they wanted make him a castrado
Being a jack of all musical Trades
Why he didn’t publish
His lucky number
Challenging Marchand to a duel
Having 20 children
Being the “Homer of Music”
Rockers using “Toccata and Fugue”

Special performance by Bach’s youngest child P.D.Q. Bach (No. 21)

as presented by Peter Schickele

Musical Playlist

Sacred Contatas
Buxtehude – Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern BuxWV 223 – Ton Koopman 6:51

Secular cantata
Aria from Cantata, ‘Ich bin vergnügt mit meinen Glücke’ BWV 84 (Nancy Argenta) 5:53

USC Thornton Chamber Singers: “Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied” by Hugo Distler 4:47
The Magnificat, Canticle of Mary, Song of Mary, Latin Hymn, Daughters of Mary 4:08

Andreas Scholl: St. Matthew Passion – BWV 244 – Erbarme Dich 6:38
Johannes-Passion – Es ist vollbracht – alto aria

Christian Immler Weihnachtsoratorium Christmas Oratorio ‘Grosser Herr, o starker König 4:42
Osteroratorium Easter Oratorio di Pasqua – BWV 249 Sinfonia 4:14

Kyrie Eleison in F Major, BWV 233a, “Christe, du Lamm Gottes” 4:28
J. S. Bach – 3 Sanctus BWV 237, 238, 239 – Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne – M. Corboz 6:57

Bach – Choral – Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist 3:49
Bach – Choral – O Traurigkeit, o Herzeleid 3:34

Songs and Arias
Songs and Arias, BWV 439-518: XVI. Was bist du doch, o Seele, so betrübet, BWV 506 – Ich 6:28
Bach,BWV 509:Gedenke Doch,Mein Geist 1:25

Partitas for keyboard (825–830)
Partita No. 3 in A Minor, BWV 827: I. Fantasia 2:26
Partita No. 3 in A Minor, BWV 827: II. Allemande 2:58
Partita No. 3 in A Minor, BWV 827: III. Corrente 3:57
Partita No. 3 in A Minor, BWV 827: IV. Sarabande 3:18
Partita No. 3 in A Minor, BWV 827: V. Burlesca 2:07
Partita No. 3 in A Minor, BWV 827: VI. Scherzo 1:29

Overtures (831–845)
J.S.Bach : Ouvertüre nach Französischer Art BWV831 h-moll, Ouverture in B minor 7:04

Bach – Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major BWV1007 – Mov. 1-3/6 9:27
English Suite No.6 in D minor, BWV 811 – 1. Prélude 8:38
Allemande in G Minor, BWV 836 composed with Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 2:35
Minuet In G Major – Baroque And Classical Piano Music 1:39

Sinfonia (symphony)
Sinfonia No. 1 in C Major, BWV 787 Glenn Gould pianist :45
Sinfonia No. 8 in F Major, BWV 794 :57
Sinfonia No. 9 in F Minor, BWV 795 The Two and Three-Part Inventions Glenn Gould pianist 5:08

Duettos from Clavier-Übung III
Duetto No.1 e-moll / E minor 2:39
Duetto No. 2 in F major, BWV 803 2:46
Duetto No.3 G-dur / G major 2:34
Duetto No.4 a-moll / A minor 6:02

Arthur Grumiaux – Bach Partita No.1 in B minor, BWV 1002 (I. Allemanda) 4:25
Partita No. 4 in D Major, BWV 828: V. Sarabande 3:52

Bach – Invention No. 1 in C Major, BWV 772 2:34
Invention 8 in F major (older version) | Cory Hall, pianist-composer 1:20

Preludes & Fugues
The Well Tempered Clavier: Book I: Prelude and Fugue No.1 in C Major – Sviatoslav Richter 4:30
Prelude and Fugue No. 9 in E major, BWV 854, from Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier, Gulda pianist 2:28

Toccata for Clavier in F-sharp minor BWV 910 (1/2) – Glenn Gould 5:24
Toccata No. 3 in D Major BWV 912 3:04

Fantasie Uber Ein Rondo In C Minor; BWV 918 4:59
Fantasia in G minor BWV 542/1 5:19

BWV 971 (3) – Italian Concerto – Presto 3:20
Concerto In D Minor Alessandro Marcello arranged by Bach BWV 974 – 2. Adagio Glenn Gould 4:50

Goldberg Variations
Barenboim – Goldberg Variations – Aria 4:35

Tocatta and Fugue modern day and original
Egg – Fugue in D Minor 2:49
Ekseption – Toccata and Fugue in D Minor For Pipe Organ: Toccata 5:17
Vanessa Mae – Toccata & Fugue in D Minor 4:28
Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, 10-year anniversary edition 8:42

P.D.Q. Bach and Peter Schickele
PDQ Bach- Schleptet for Winds in Eb (S.0) 10:23
Itzhak Perlman and Peter Schickele Part 1 6:46
Itzhak Perlman and Peter Schickele Part 2 9:28

Learn more about Bach

A List of Works by Johann Sebastian Bach

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