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New England Autumn Video with Vivaldi

Last week’s archive Halloween Requests Oct. 19 2016 are up. Take a look. Enjoy the beautiful New England Autumn video to go along with Vivaldi’s Autumn.

FREE Big Book of Silly Little Curses
or Snarky Bar Toasts

Big Book of Silly Little Curses

Mark Giglio
Donated by
Mark Giglio
author and artist

For Halloween or any Inappropriate Occasion

FREE when you sign up for Music by Dead Guys and Gal’s blog and share MBD-GAG radio show and website with your friends. Do you have a friend to tickle? Would you like to get even? Has your neighbor driven you mad? Have you had it with your brother making you the butt of every joke? Here’s your chance to get even with a curse from Mark Giglio’s collection of old Italian curses….tphhhh! This offer is good for October only!

Make your rivals quiver with curses like:

“May you always send money to the Nigerian prince”

Horrify your neighbor with:

“May the toilet paper roll always run out and there never be another roll to be found”

Make your brother cringe with:

“May you discover your wife is our long lost sister”

Or Good for everyone:

“May you be sued by someone you help”

Or its companion piece:

 “May you be sued for not helping”

Halloween. Ugly curse.






This Weeks Show 10/26/16 Halloween and the Baba-Gaga

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