Gershwin Archive

Gershwin Archive from show on August 3, 2016

George Gershwin
George Gershwin

George Gershwin – Zeb Navarro
Interviewer- Mary Ellen Wilson
Writers – Mary Ellen Wilson & Mark Giglio

KKSM Radio, Oceanside CA, AM1320, worldwide at

Did you change your name from Gershowitz to Gershwin for the love of Ed Wynn?

Piano Concerto in F (Allegro) 13:40

Can you sing us a song from the Song Plugger Days?

The Man I Love sung by Ella Fitzgerald 7:46

Balancing Pianos at the Yiddish Theater

Supreme Court Judges 2:36
Love Is Sweeping the Country 3:35
Let ‘Em Eat Cake 2:07

Sing about all your beautiful women

Embraceable You sung by Sara Vaughan 4:53
Lullaby For Strings 10:24

Please teach me

Rialto Ripples ragtime piano from 1917 2:34

I heard you wrote Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody In Blue 9:10

What did Nadia Boulinger say?

An American in Paris 18:16

Why are you suing the creators of “Porky’s”?

Summertime from Porky and Bess 1935 5:03

Gershwin’s trip to Cuba and the shoeshine boy named Fidel

Cuban Overture 10:37

Thank you Mr. Gershwin for your contributions

Porky and Bess Suite 14:03

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