Rachmaninoff Interview and Music

Meet Rachmaninoff and his music!

Sergei Rachmaninoff - Music
Sergei Rachmaninoff – Music

Hear an interview with Sergei Rachmaninoff and listen to his music on Wednesday, June 29 at 12 noon on KKSM Radio, AM 1320, the radio revolution, and www.palomarcollegeradio.com .

Rachmaninoff on Rachmaninoff

“I write the music which I hear playing inside me… I am a Russian composer, therefore my temperament, outlook and music are quintessentially Russian…” – Rachmaninov

Sergey Rachmaninov is widely regarded as one of the greatest 20th century composers and pianists. He left behind a large number of piano concertos, etudes, sonatas, variations and, of course, his world-famous “Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini” for piano and orchestra.

He will share with you what he thinks about

How Aleksandr Glazunov showed up drunk to conduct the premier of his “First Symphony,”
His love of skating as a boy,
His thoughts on the October Revolution,
What he thinks of Trump’s small hands,
If he feels sorry for Stalin who suffered from the heartbreak of psoriasis,
Russia trying to move his remains from the United States back to Russia,
Thoughts on his death bed
and much more.

And we will hear excerpts of his music:

Symphony No. 1
Piano Concerto No. 1
Symphonic Dances – Movement 1
The Bells – Movement 1 and 3
Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, excerpt from the movie “Somewhere in Time”

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear from Sergei Rachmaninoff.

You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll be transported to a world of laughter and beautiful music on KKSM Radio, AM 1320, The Radio Revolution, Oceanside CA, www.palomarcollegeradio.com.

hosted by
Mary Ellen Wilson

Mary Ellen Wilson
M. E. Wilson

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