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Igor Stravinsky

092816 KKSM Radio Igor Stravinsky

12:02Parents wanted you to study law 1:00 – interview 1

Romance for violin and piano in D, Op. 3 4:27
Scherzo 2:18

Movements for Piano and Orchestra 1958-1959 8:23

Set 2 12:22:30 a piano which was kept in a combination lumber storage-chicken coop. interview

Classical Chicken the Muppets 1:37
Igor Stravinsky, Lydia Jardon : The Song of the Nightingale – Piano Version – 5:44

12:30 – traffic BA Classical events at 1:30 PDQ Bach at 2:30 liner more about Srav 2:00

Set 2a Blue Danube: 1:00 interview

Renard the Fox 10:23

SET 3 Write anything for a commission 1:00 interview

circus polka 3:52

12:52:30 Rite of Spring from the movie Fantasia 2:15
Igor Stravinsky : Scherzo a la Russe 4:22,
Stravinsky had been going through economic problems since he moved to America
lost the royalties from his works in Europe.
The Scherzo à la russe was first conceived as a work for film useThe North Star.
When the film project was aborted, Stravinsky re-orchestrate it for Paul Whiteman Band.[3]
two conditions: easy-listening and it had to fit on a 78 rpm disc.

1:05 Danses Concertantes, Kenneth Woods- conductor 6:55

Set 4 I heard you had a romance linked to Coco interview

Premier tableau: 3:39
And Dance of the Adolescents 3:16

1:20 PSA Ads BA liner next week is requests Music Requests

1:24 SET 6 popular music, including ragtime music 1:00

Ragtime (1918)  4:35

1:31 Ragtime for 11 instruments 5:07

Set 5 The audience protested and rioted at the 1913 premiere of The Rite of Spring 1:00 interview

The Firebird Suite 9:24
Tango 4:02

1:50 PSA ADS BA Liner – subscribe website
1:53 Octet For Wind Instruments 7:17

2:00 Station ID liner, news, weather, traffic BA PDQ

SET 7 2:03 14-year-old son interested in classical music. interview

Petrushka 9:49
Video of the ballet https://youtu.be/UaRZfSKPw5A

One russian peasant song Tilim-bom – 1:11
The Fairy’s Kiss – Berceuse Of The Eternal Dwellings 5:01 Ballet in 1 act based on Hans Christian Anderson’s tale The Ice Maiden

PDQ Bach: Grand Serenade For An Awful Lot of Wind & Percussion 11:00

Set 8 fond of the game Scrabble. 1:00 interview

Noah and the Flood  5:49

Set 9 Final – 1:00 interview

The Soldier’s Tale (L’histoire du soldat) , Suite: VI. Three Dances: Tango, waltz, ragtime 6:29

The owl and the pussycat 2:35

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