091416 Request Show

George – Lemon Grove CA
Mozart – String quartet No. 8 II Andante 5:20

Anna – SD’s Little Italy
Strozzi – Che si può fare_. Mariana Flores. soprano. 5:51

Marlo San Francisco
Frank Zappa –
Peaches en Regalia (Orchestral performance) 3:24
The Zappa’s, 1986 interview with David Brenner :21

Linda London ENG
Bach_ Concerto In D Minor After Alessandro Marcello– 2. Adagio Glenn Gould

Jesus, Tijuana
Rach- The Bells. Movement 1 _The Silver Sleigh Bells_ S. Rachmaninoff. 6:34

Theodore, Paris
Arnold Schoenberg – Five Piano Pieces – 14:55

Joanna, St. Louis, MO
Igor Stravinsky_ Ragtime (1918) – 4:55

Mark, Fallbrook, CA
Marin Marais: Sonnerie de Ste. Geneviève du Mont-de-Paris from La Gamme […] (1723) / J. Savall 7:58

Jessie, Marin, CA

Bach: USC Thornton Chamber Singers: “Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied” by Hugo Distler 4:47

Karen, Wyoming, PA
Gershwin: Piano Concerto in F (Allegro) 13:40

Georgia, Reno NV

Strav: Movements for Piano and Orchestra 1958-1959 8:23

DJ Rub on KKSM today at 6pm – piano lessons
Muzio Clementi – Sonatina op. 36 n. 1 in do maggiore – 4:47

Brian, Columbia NC
rach: Piano Concerto No. 1 played by Rachmaninoff (11:51)

Angela, Columbus OH
Mozart: Bassoon Concerto in B flat Major 6:53

Franz, Frankfurt Germany
George Gershwin – Rialto Ripples (1917, Ragtime piano) – 2:35

Steve, Salt Lake City, UT
Stravinsky – Octet For Wind Instruments 7:17

Special Schleptet for Winds in Eb by PDQ Bach -21- Prof Peter Schticele – marched to his own harpsicord 10:22

Regina, Florence Italy
Strozzi – D amore e tormenti 3:31
Marianna, Rome, Italy

My choice
Stravinsky – Symphony of Psalms Mvmt II 6:42

EXTRA music
Bach, Organ sonata no. 1, BWV 525, 1st mvt., Allegro (E-flat major) 3:18

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