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Kirti, Bombay India
Symphonic Dances (2nd movement_ Andante con moto) Rachmaninov  11:27

Pat, San Marcos
Mozart – Serenade for Orchestra No.9 in D major K. 320 _Posthorn_ 6. Minuetto – Trio 1 & 2 – 5:39
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Jesus, Mexico City, Mexico
Rachmaninoff plays Piano Concerto 1 11:53

Joseph, Romania
Schoenberg – Presto in C (string quartet) – from YouTube 6:52

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West Side Story [2] Overture 4:40

West Side Story [4] Something’s coming 2:32

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Symphony in E Minor, Op. 32, _Gaelic Symphony__ II. Alla siciliana – Allegro vivace 7:41- Amy Beach

Martha Graham’s Appalachian Spring Part 2/4 9:04

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Miles Davis, Portia 6:06

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Anatomy Of A Murder | Soundtrack Suite (Duke Ellington) 11:10

Semper Fidelis – John Phillips Sousa 2:53

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GEORGE WALKER: “Lyric for Strings” 6:23

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Ulysses Kay “Umbrian Scene” (1963).
Louisville Orchestra; Robert Whitney, conductor. 9:29

David Baker – Screamin’ Meemies 7:53

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Angela, Columbus OH
Mozart: Bassoon Concerto in B flat Major 6:53

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Special Schleptet for Winds in Eb by PDQ Bach -21- Prof Peter Schticele – marched to his own harpsicord 10:22

Regina, Florence Italy
Strozzi – D amore e tormenti 3:31

Marianna, Rome, Italy

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Michael, Hobokan, NJ
Stravinsky – Romance for violin and piano in D, Op. 3 (1902) – 4:20

Maple Leaf Rag Played by Scott Joplin 2:45

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